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TD27 NA to Turbo Intercooler Conversion

A TD27 naturally aspirated is slow.. Yes painfully slow! Turbo was always on my wishlist.

Finding a Nissan’s Hitachi HT12 unit in a Toyota dominated Pakistani market was a tough job.. we luckily found the exhasut header of a TD27T.. so instead we decided to put in a TD04-9B from a Mitsubishi 4D56T engine.. The TD04 unit has a 3 bolt exhaust flange against a 4-bolt of HT12.. Solution was a simple adapter plate.. Saeed, the machinist at City Saddar Road, Rawalpindi did a good job fabricating this adapter plate.


Once the adapter plate was ready and we had the TD04-9B turbo in hand.. we started the conversion work.

The NA exhaust header was taken off:




Test fitting a silicone hose for routing piping to front mount inter cooler.. the idea later dropped in favor of a top mount install.


Turbo intallation in progress


Turbo installed.. oil lines left:


Adapter for Oil return to engine block:



Oil lines done:




Used a Mitsubishi Pajero top mount intercooler.. nicely placed with no major installation issues:


Test fitting a hood scoop.. this was too big.. we will make a smaller one:


The work done so far:


Airbox and piping again taken from a mitsibishi pajero.. the engine bay has alot of pajero components now 🙂


Making the hood scoop.. the cut in the hood:


IMG_20141225_120917181 IMG_20141225_120924810 IMG_20141225_125655606 IMG_20141225_132040915 IMG_20141225_130302989


The scoop is to be painted matt black to match the front tube bumper.. will post pics once i get it installed.. may be coming weekend.

The most important step was adjusting fueling to get maximum power gain without shooting EGTs or smoking.. We have been able to achieve 7psi of boost without much smoke with an NA diesel injection pump without a boost compensator!

The hood scoop is painted Matt black and does a good job so far.. Needs a bit of sealing on the inside..

To be continued….

Parts sourcing for 4×4 conversion

List of parts procured:

  1. Front Differential and tube
  2. Front differential carrier/2nd cross member (gadri)
  3. Front drive shaft
  4. Front CV Axles x 2
  5. 1st cross member (engine gadri)
  6. 2x Front hubs complete with Calipers and brake lines
  7. 2 x Lower control arms with rear stay bushing and ball joint
  8. 2 x upper control arms with ball joints
  9. Automatic Free wheel hubs x 2
  10. Sway bar
  11. Steering Rod and Tie rod ends
  12. Steering box
  13. Torsion bars x 2
  14. Rear drive shaft flange
  15. FS5W71C gearbox with Transfer case
  16. 2 x front shocks
  17. Torsion bar cross member.. missing!!





The missing bit.. Torsion bar cross member


D22 vs D21 4wd Suspensions




D22 2wd front suspension

D22-97-02 Front Suspension-2WD-2

D22-97-02 Front Suspension-2WD


D22 4wd front suspension

The front Diff and its carrier is eaxctly the same as a D21

D22-97-02 Diff Mount-4WD D22-97-02 Front Suspension-4WD-2 D22-97-02 Front Suspension-4WD

D22-97-02 Front Axles-4WD-2

D21 vs D22 4WD Front suspension

Strong similarities as Frame, wheelbase, Differential, its carrier, cross members are all same

Diff Carrier D21 vs D22

D21 DiffD21-85-09 Diff Mount-4WD D22-97-02 Diff Mount-4WDD22 Diff



Front suspension

D21 4wdD21-85-09 Front Suspension-4WD D22-97-02 Front Suspension-4WD D22 4wd

LCA are different in D22 along with a shorter torsion bar


Front Axles D21 vs D22



D21-85-09 Front Axles-4WD-1  D21 4wdD22-97-02 Front Axles-4WD-2 D22 4wd

Axles CVs are different.. lengths are same.

Chasing the tick tack noise.. Nissan TD27

Ever since we rebuilt the TD27.. Within 2 hours of static running.. This annoying tick tick tack noise was bothering me and Yousaf..  taanay from Paa jee 😉

The noise is from tappet cover.. Bansri was changed, fuel lines were changed.. But no relief

Oil pressure was something always under discussion.. The stock oil light used to take 3-4 seconds to go out at cold start.. Adding to the suspicion

It was only when a oil pressure gauge was installed that I was able to relate the noise.. At idle the pressure will drastically drop lower than 11psi and the gauge would beep beep beep!


Pressure above 1000rpm was okay.. But as soon as u go off idle there is a dip before the needle climbs up


First thing to check was the oil pressure relief piston and spring.. Might be stuck or worn.. So out goes the spring and piston


The spring tension was not up to mark.. How we got to know that.. Well Yousaf experience that preload is not correct.. To correct the preload some 4 washers were placed in it.

I am still driving and observing the change.. Yes the noise is gone most of the time.. But still the pressure goes down sometimes when hot with slight noise.. Its better but still not perfect.

And I am still chasing this noise 🙂

Update 9th Oct 2014:

The engine was out of the vehicle for 4×4 conversion.. perfect time to find the tick tack noise..  timing cover was taken off.. the oil pump was taken out.. not really worn out but not in the best of its shape.. however, this alone could not be the reason.

found excessive play in the idler gear shaft.. with a groove too.. this could be the reason for pressure loss and late buildup as its taking oil directly from main gallery

TD27 oil highway

TD27 Oil Highway



Will update soon…


Boost Compensator for Toyota 2B Turbo Diesel

My Toyota Landcruiser BJ44 has a Toyota 2B Diesel with a turbo setup.. the Turbo is a Mitsubishi TC05.. a small non-waste-gated turbo thats makes a 5.5-6psi boost max.

All turbo diesels are equipped with boost compensators that increase the fuel deliver from injection pump as the turbo builds up boost.. the toyota 2B uses a vacumm driven inline pump and doesnt have any sort of boost compensation.. as a result overall fuel delivery is kept a tad higher resulting in black smoke in off boost conditions.

After installing a boost and EGT gauge.. i planned to mess up pump fueling directly 🙂 Based on Yotahead@ih8mud and traveller@ihmud experiences with using  a Merc Benz 240D’s governor spring.. I asked my dear friend Nashit to get one from the Benz land.. the spring arrived this month.

With stock spring.. the max EGT was around 550C.. with offcourse thick clouds of black smoke. We mark this as the starting point.

Took off the top cover to get the spring out

Merc Spring vs Toyota stock.. Merc one is longer and wound with a thinner wire



The spring is inside the top housing where this pipe files.. 4 screws take the cover off.. be careful you need not remove the diaphragm for this.. remember to clean the cover and place a little grease on the edges to ensure sealing.



Merc Spring vs Stock Spring with cover

wpid-img_20140913_142022868.jpg wpid-img_20140913_141956883_hdr.jpg

Everything installed back.. started up fine.. noticeably less smoke from idle upto 3000rpm.. there was a little erratic idle just like a Hino truck 😛 Ignoring that for now

Took the old cruiser on the road.. Immediate result was better throttle response with lesser smoke… pulled better.. turbo spooled to boost earlier and was holding boost well… a few quick runs up and down the airport road.. turned the fuel down 1/4 turn.. and it was running better with much less smoke.. the peak EGT was still within 550C range.. I still need a longer trip to see the effects on mileage.. Stay tuned to updates on this.. So far im happy with the upgrade and now I really want to upgrade the turbo to get at least 10psi boost 😀

Where did I learn this stuff.. some very useful info at ih8mud:

Rebuilding Nissan Frontier D22

On 28th Feb 2014, an unplanned purchase from an auction yard.. an unknown breed.. the Nissan Frontier D22

The trusted Toyota Landcruiser BJ44 towed it to Yousaf’s workshop in Chah Sultan area.. started up on the first crank.. only to tell the tales of overheating and blown head gaskit 🙂

and so it begins and still goes on.. here are some picture of the “before” restoration

20140304_152119 20140304_113931 20140304_152130 20140304_152155 20140304_152143