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Parts sourcing for 4×4 conversion

List of parts procured:

  1. Front Differential and tube
  2. Front differential carrier/2nd cross member (gadri)
  3. Front drive shaft
  4. Front CV Axles x 2
  5. 1st cross member (engine gadri)
  6. 2x Front hubs complete with Calipers and brake lines
  7. 2 x Lower control arms with rear stay bushing and ball joint
  8. 2 x upper control arms with ball joints
  9. Automatic Free wheel hubs x 2
  10. Sway bar
  11. Steering Rod and Tie rod ends
  12. Steering box
  13. Torsion bars x 2
  14. Rear drive shaft flange
  15. FS5W71C gearbox with Transfer case
  16. 2 x front shocks
  17. Torsion bar cross member.. missing!!





The missing bit.. Torsion bar cross member


D22 vs D21 4wd Suspensions




D22 2wd front suspension

D22-97-02 Front Suspension-2WD-2

D22-97-02 Front Suspension-2WD


D22 4wd front suspension

The front Diff and its carrier is eaxctly the same as a D21

D22-97-02 Diff Mount-4WD D22-97-02 Front Suspension-4WD-2 D22-97-02 Front Suspension-4WD

D22-97-02 Front Axles-4WD-2

D21 vs D22 4WD Front suspension

Strong similarities as Frame, wheelbase, Differential, its carrier, cross members are all same

Diff Carrier D21 vs D22

D21 DiffD21-85-09 Diff Mount-4WD D22-97-02 Diff Mount-4WDD22 Diff



Front suspension

D21 4wdD21-85-09 Front Suspension-4WD D22-97-02 Front Suspension-4WD D22 4wd

LCA are different in D22 along with a shorter torsion bar


Front Axles D21 vs D22



D21-85-09 Front Axles-4WD-1  D21 4wdD22-97-02 Front Axles-4WD-2 D22 4wd

Axles CVs are different.. lengths are same.