TD27 NA to Turbo Intercooler Conversion

A TD27 naturally aspirated is slow.. Yes painfully slow! Turbo was always on my wishlist.

Finding a Nissan’s Hitachi HT12 unit in a Toyota dominated Pakistani market was a tough job.. we luckily found the exhasut header of a TD27T.. so instead we decided to put in a TD04-9B from a Mitsubishi 4D56T engine.. The TD04 unit has a 3 bolt exhaust flange against a 4-bolt of HT12.. Solution was a simple adapter plate.. Saeed, the machinist at City Saddar Road, Rawalpindi did a good job fabricating this adapter plate.


Once the adapter plate was ready and we had the TD04-9B turbo in hand.. we started the conversion work.

The NA exhaust header was taken off:




Test fitting a silicone hose for routing piping to front mount inter cooler.. the idea later dropped in favor of a top mount install.


Turbo intallation in progress


Turbo installed.. oil lines left:


Adapter for Oil return to engine block:



Oil lines done:




Used a Mitsubishi Pajero top mount intercooler.. nicely placed with no major installation issues:


Test fitting a hood scoop.. this was too big.. we will make a smaller one:


The work done so far:


Airbox and piping again taken from a mitsibishi pajero.. the engine bay has alot of pajero components now 🙂


Making the hood scoop.. the cut in the hood:


IMG_20141225_120917181 IMG_20141225_120924810 IMG_20141225_125655606 IMG_20141225_132040915 IMG_20141225_130302989


The scoop is to be painted matt black to match the front tube bumper.. will post pics once i get it installed.. may be coming weekend.

The most important step was adjusting fueling to get maximum power gain without shooting EGTs or smoking.. We have been able to achieve 7psi of boost without much smoke with an NA diesel injection pump without a boost compensator!

The hood scoop is painted Matt black and does a good job so far.. Needs a bit of sealing on the inside..

To be continued….

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