Chasing the tick tack noise.. Nissan TD27

Ever since we rebuilt the TD27.. Within 2 hours of static running.. This annoying tick tick tack noise was bothering me and Yousaf..ย  taanay from Paa jee ๐Ÿ˜‰

The noise is from tappet cover.. Bansri was changed, fuel lines were changed.. But no relief

Oil pressure was something always under discussion.. The stock oil light used to take 3-4 seconds to go out at cold start.. Adding to the suspicion

It was only when a oil pressure gauge was installed that I was able to relate the noise.. At idle the pressure will drastically drop lower than 11psi and the gauge would beep beep beep!


Pressure above 1000rpm was okay.. But as soon as u go off idle there is a dip before the needle climbs up


First thing to check was the oil pressure relief piston and spring.. Might be stuck or worn.. So out goes the spring and piston


The spring tension was not up to mark.. How we got to know that.. Well Yousaf experience that preload is not correct.. To correct the preload some 4 washers were placed in it.

I am still driving and observing the change.. Yes the noise is gone most of the time.. But still the pressure goes down sometimes when hot with slight noise.. Its better but still not perfect.

And I am still chasing this noise ๐Ÿ™‚

Update 9th Oct 2014:

The engine was out of the vehicle for 4×4 conversion.. perfect time to find the tick tack noise.. ย timing cover was taken off.. the oil pump was taken out.. not really worn out but not in the best of its shape.. however, this alone could not be the reason.

found excessive play in the idler gear shaft.. with a groove too.. this could be the reason for pressure loss and late buildup as its taking oil directly from main gallery

TD27 oil highway

TD27 Oil Highway



Will update soon…


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  1. i am having the same issues on a qd32 (simmilar) engine

    which oil pressure relief piston and spring? the one on the oil filter housing?


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